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Southfield Separation of Assets Attorney

Nothing is more daunting in a divorce than the separating of assets. Divorces can take months longer due to disagreements over who gets what. At Haque Legal, our skilled separation of assets lawyers is here to navigate the separation of assets negotiations with ease and help you reach an outcome that you desire. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose A Southfield Separation Of Assets Attorney From Haque Legal?

  • We have negotiated hundreds of separation of assets and have helped our clients receive the results they desired.
  • Our Southfield family law lawyers have years of experience in the area of Southfield family law.
  • We are a client-focused firm that implements a team approach.

What Is The Separation of Assets Law in Michigan?

The separation of assets in Michigan is something that usually follows divorce and depends on what assets you bought while married. In the event that you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement, a Southfield divorce lawyer will take an equitable approach to the division of assets. That means that assets are typically divided 50-50 in the event of stalled negotiations between the parties.

However, if you or your ex-spouse is more at fault for the divorce than the other spouse, then the judge can divide the property unequally. For example, one spouse can receive more property while the other spouse receives more of the marital debt (or the debt you both accrued while married).

What Happens to the Assets I acquired Before Divorce?

This is referred to as “separate property.” Separate property typically remains with the person who brought the asset into the marriage, excluding certain circumstances. If your ex-spouse helped you get the asset, improved the asset, or helped you grow the asset, the judge may decide that because of your ex-spouse’s contributions, the asset is no longer separate.

In addition to this, if your ex-spouse’s portion of the marital property does not meet their financial needs, the judge may decide to split up some of the separate property in order to meet that spouse’s needs.

To ensure you keep assets that are rightfully yours, you should seek out a Southfield separation of assets attorney from Haque Legal.

What Happens to Marital Debt?

Any debt accrued during marriage will be split fairly among the parties. However, a judge can decide to split the debt unevenly in the event that:

  • One spouse is more at-fault for the marriage’s demise
  • One spouse has more means to pay more debt, or
  • One spouse incurred the debt with the other spouse’s knowledge or consent

Further, if you are awarded an asset that holds debt like a vehicle or home, you are solely responsible for that debt. It is important to seek the advice of a Southfield separation of assets attorney to ensure you are not saddled with more marital debt than you can comfortably handle or are responsible for.

Contact Southfield Separation Of Assets Lawyer From Haque Legal

At Haque Legal, we are prepared to step in and advocate for the separation of assets arrangement that you desire. One of our Southfield separation of assets lawyers will walk you through your best options. We are also happy to help with Southfield child custody cases and other family matters. Contact us or call today at (248) 996-9954