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Posted by Haque Legal January 31, 2023 Criminal Law

Domestic Violence in Michigan

Domestic violence is a problem in many nations. In the United States, the domestic violence law is punished on a federal level as well as a state level. In this article, we reiterate some facts about domestic violence in Michigan. In 1994, the United States Congress passed a law called Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”)….
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Posted by Haque Legal January 30, 2023 Auto Accident

Revisiting Common Questions about Driving without Insurance in Michigan

In this article, let us revisit some common questions about driving without insurance in Michigan.  Can you be arrested for driving without insurance in Michigan? Yes, you can be arrested for driving without insurance in Michigan. Even if you have just been stopped by a traffic officer while driving in the middle of the road…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 29, 2023 Traffic Violations

Your Defense Against The Uninsured: Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The uninsured motorist coverage applies when there is an injured person by an at-fault driver who does not have any coverage to cover the damages to the injured person. It is also the insurance coverage that aims to protect the person who is injured in a hit-and-run accident and the driver just cause of unidentified…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 28, 2023 Personal Injury

Standards for A Successful Personal Injury Lawsuit in Michigan

A personal injury case, just like all of the other things in the world, will only be successful if it has good elements. Generally, there are a couple of rules to follow whenever you are filing a personal injury lawsuit in Michigan. For a short list, let us look at the, to wit: It is…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 27, 2023 Family Law

Create A Trust In Michigan

In previous articles, we have discussed trusts. What is trust? How can we help you out in creating trust? In this article, let us start our legal discussion further.  How do I create Trust in Michigan? Creating trust in Michigan is not complicated if you have the right help. This is where Haque Legal can…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 26, 2023 Immigration

Who Cannot Enter the United States?

Normally, any individual who wants to enter the United States would either need a VISA or a powerful passport. Since we have strict immigration rules, getting a VISA is not a walk in the park. For some, they do have a fighting chance to get a VISA but for others, the chance is futile and…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 25, 2023 Family Law

What constitutes a drug charge in Michigan?

A drug charge in Michigan can mean different things. It can be related to possession or use or sale. The different charges that you might face for the crime committed are dependent on whether you are guilty of merely using the drugs or possessing drugs for sale. There are two kinds of drug charges in…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 24, 2023 Auto Accident

Risks You Take When You Drive With No Insurance in Michigan

It is provided under MCL 500.3177(1) that an “insurer that is obligated to pay personal protection insurance benefits for accidental bodily injury to a person arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of an uninsured motor vehicle as a motor vehicle may recover all benefits paid, incurred loss adjustment costs and expenses, and incurred…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 23, 2023 Traffic Violations

What if you are an uninsured driver in Michigan?

There are some instances where you might be the person who is guilty of the misgiving. What if you are an uninsured driver? What if you are the driver who does not have insurance to cover the expenses incurred? Let us look at the things that you can do and the penalties that you would…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 22, 2023 Personal Injury

Three Questions That Require A Yes in Personal Injury Cases

In previous articles, we discussed the requirements of personal injury cases. Generally, there are three questions that you should be positive about when hiring a personal injury lawyer in case of an accident.  Let us dive into them. Do you have all of the documents that you need? The evidence that you present in court…
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