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Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

If you have been in an accident and need a spinal cord injury attorney, call the personal injury lawyers of Haque Legal at (248) 996-9954 to schedule a free case evaluation. Spinal cord injuries are one of the worst things that can happen to your body, and they can happen to anyone at any given point in time. Sadly, this type of injury is commonplace as a result of car accidents and other personal injury matters. Spinal cord damage can also cause damage to the fiber tracts that carry signals to and from the brain. If you or a loved one is a victim of an injury due to someone else’s negligence or fault, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Our Michigan spinal cord injury lawyers at Haque Legal will stand by you every step of the way. We are an experienced personal injury law firm and are well qualified to help you with your spinal cord injury cases in Southfield and across the state.

Why Hire A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer From Haque Legal?

  • We’ve negotiated over $25,000,000 in settlement and court awards for our clients.
  • Our personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to meet your needs.
  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Michigan Court System.

Potential Financial Recovery

Our spinal cord injury lawyers can help with financial recovery for you in many areas which include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Health care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wheelchairs and similar devices
  • Home modifications

We aggressively fight for our clients to make sure they are compensated for the agony they’ve had to endure Spinal cord damage is the type of injury that affects you for a lifetime. Nearly 17,000 people living in the United States suffer from SCI (spinal cord injuries) each year from falling, car or motorcycle accidents, sports, or violence, and can dramatically impair your lifestyle. Our spinal cord injury attorneys are experienced with different kinds of lawsuits that were caused by negligence and caused by defective products. An acute spinal cord injury is often an unexpected event that can result from a car accident or even a slip and fall, no matter how minor the impact. The pain and suffering from a spinal cord injury are often permanent. Significant spinal cord injuries may result in herniated discs, which require surgery, or even paralysis to either the lower body or above the waist.

Other Types of Injuries Can Include:

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injuries, which result in total paraplegia. With this type of injury, you lose entirely motor and nerve function, as well as sensation and movement.
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries are when some degree of movement and sensation function remains. This type of injury can be one of five categories: anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome, posterior cord syndrome, brown square syndrome, or cauda equine lesion.
  • Spinal Contusions/Nerve Damage: this is the most common type of spinal cord injury; it is usually temporary and has a quick recovery process.

Contact A Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer At Haque Legal

Contact us or call today at (248) 996-9954 and one of our skilled attorneys will review your case. We offer a free case consultation so there is no risk! Our Michigan spinal cord injury attorneys will walk you through your options and chart a path to financial recovery.