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Southfield Weapons Charges Attorney

Prosecutors tend to pay special attention to charges involving firearms. The unlikely few picked up for weapons charges are often made an example out of in the courts and on the local news. Weapons charges are extremely serious, and for this reason, you shouldn’t navigate this process on your own. The attorneys at Haque Legal have years of experience in such situations. Contact a Southfield weapons charges lawyer today and we’ll start building a case to defend you.

Why Choose A Southfield Weapons Charge Lawyer From Haque Legal?

  • We have years of experience defending our clients against domestic violence charges and other Southfield criminal defense cases.
  • We are always in your corner, until the very end.
  • We take a team approach to litigation, so you’ll always have more than one attorney working on your case.

You can rest easy knowing that Haque Legal uses a time-effective and team-oriented approach, meaning our experienced legal team collaborates together on your case, providing you with the legal help your particular case needs.

What Is A Weapons Charge?

In Michigan, it is illegal to carry a dangerous weapon or a firearm that is concealed on your person or in your vehicle without a permit. In addition, any number of crimes can turn into a weapons charge if a firearm is found during your arrest in connection with the crime. The sale, manufacture, distribution, or possession of a semiautomatic firearm that has been modified into a fully automatic firearm is also illegal under Michigan law.

What Happens If I Receive A Weapons Charge?

Weapons charges require a mandatory 2 years in prison to run consecutively with any other crimes charged in connection with the weapons charge. If you are charged for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, that is a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $2,500 fine. You can also receive a weapons charge if you are legally carrying a concealed weapon with a permit and have a .02 BAC. If you are found carrying a semi-automatic that has been converted into an automatic firearm, that is a felony and punishable by up to four years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.

Make sure you have a weapons charges attorney on your side to make sure none of this happens to you and you are treated fairly in the eyes of the law.

What Are The Consequences For A Weapons Charge?

If you receive a weapons charge you could be facing a lifetime of difficulty including:

  • Difficulty securing employment
  • Difficulty securing housing
  • An inability to pass a background check
  • Inability or difficulty obtaining a passport
  • Loss of voting rights
  • A multi-year probation sentence

Thankfully, a weapons charge attorney can help you present evidence to refute the validity of your weapons charge. We won’t let the prosecutor increase your charges or present evidence illegally.

How Can AWeapons Charge Attorney From Haque Legal Help?

A weapons charge attorney will advocate endlessly on your behalf. We can:

  • Refute the evidence against you
  • Cast doubt on the validity of the search warrant that lead to your charge
  • Present evidence that your arrest was unlawful
  • Make arguments against the lawfulness of your statements to police
  • Cast doubt on your knowledge requirement

With the help of an attorney, the likelihood of a favorable outcome increases. Don’t leave your future up to chance, especially with the severity of the charges you’re facing.

Contact A Southfield Weapons Charges Lawyer From Haque Legal

Our skilled attorneys have years of experience in defending clients against weapons charges. We’ll work hard to present evidence to prove your innocence and get you back on track to living your normal life. If you have other issues such as Southfield DUI or domestic violence charges, our attorneys are standing by to help you through this process. Contact us or call us at (248) 996-9954 today to schedule your free case consultation.