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Southfield Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Every year, 12,500 people suffer from spinal cord injuries. If you or your loved one suffers a spinal cord injury, the future can look bleak. It may even be unclear if you or your loved one can work again. While you and your loved one are figuring out what the future looks like for you, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to cover your expenses or medical bills. A Southfield spinal cord injury attorney can help.

Why Use A Southfield Spinal Cord Injury Attorney From Haque Legal

  • We’ve negotiated over $25,000,000 in settlement and court awards for our clients.
  • Our Southfield personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to meet your needs.
  • We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Michigan Court System.

Our Southfield injury attorneys will fiercely advocate on your behalf in court if necessary. You can rest easy knowing that Haque Legal uses a time-effective and team-oriented approach, meaning our experienced personal injury lawyers collaborate together on your case, providing you with the legal help your particular case needs.

What Are Some Types Of Spinal Cord Injuries?

Your spine has four sections. When injured, each section affects a different area of your body. These parts of the spine and the injuries that can occur are:

  • Cervical: If you injure your cervical spine, the injury can affect the movement and use of your arms and legs.
  • Thoracic: injuries to the thoracic area of the spine can affect your chest and legs.
  • Lumbar: if you injure the lumbar part of your spine, your ribs, hips, and pelvis can be affected.
  • Sacral: Sacral area injuries affect the function of your hips and legs.

Southfield spinal injury lawyer

If you are unfortunate enough to receive any of these spinal cord injuries, know that you’re not alone. All of these injuries can be handled by one of our spinal cord injury attorneys to ensure that you are given the compensation that you deserve.

What Are Common Causes Of Spinal Cord Injury

Although spinal cord injuries can result from any kind of catastrophic accident. Fort he most part, the most common causes of spinal cord injuries are caused by:

Unsurprisingly, automobile crashes are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. If you suffered any impact on your back or spinal area, you should seek medical attention immediately, and if the injury results in a death, call our wrongful death attorneys in Southfield. 

What Is The Cost Of Recovering From A Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries are expensive and can cause serious financial hardship. Cervical spine paraplegia can cost someone up to  $1,000,000 for the first year of care! Furthermore, if you injure the lower area of your spine, you could be looking at around $769,000 in medical expenses.

Southfield spinal cord injury lawyer

From there, care for paraplegia care can be anywhere from $42,000 to $184,000 per year and does not include lost wages which will likely occur if you are unable to work after the accident. In fact, after a spinal cord injury, only 11.7% of people remain employed. This is why it’s important to contact a Southfield spinal cord injury lawyer today.

How To Recover Financially From A Spinal Cord Injury

If your spinal cord injury resulted from a car accident, you will need to file a claim through your own insurance before pursuing excess medical expenses and pain and suffering in Michigan state court because Michigan is a no-fault insurance state.

If your spinal cord injury occurred in another way, a spinal cord injury attorney can help you pursue a negligence or personal injury action in Michigan state court. In order to win damages in court, an attorney can help you prove:

  • The at-fault party owed a duty of care to you,
  • The duty was breached,
  • There was causation or a link between the breach of duty and your injury, and
  • You suffered damages.

Southfield spinal injury attorney

How Can Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Help?

Our spinal cord lawyers are well-versed in spinal cord litigation, we will:

  • Gather evidence to support your claims, including witness statements and expert witness testimony
  • Hire an injury scene reconstructionist
  • Advocate zealously on your behalf
  • Manage settlement negotiations, court schedules, and requests from opposing counsel

Contact A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney At Haque Legal

Our Southfield spinal cord lawyers have years of experience working on these specific cases. We will work hard to make sure you receive the monetary award you deserve and need for your future. Contact us or call us today at (248) 996-9954 for a free case consultation. We will review your case and help you chart out a path to financial recovery.