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Southfield Premises Liability Attorney

Were you injured on someone else’s property? Perhaps a condition of the property caused you to fall and injure yourself? Whether it is public or private property, the owner has a duty to reasonably maintain the property and keep it free from unsafe or defective conditions. No one should have to suffer a financial burden due to an injury caused by another’s carelessness. A premise liability lawyer at Haque Legal understands the challenges you may face as a victim, and we are here to help you seek the financial compensation you deserve.

Why Use A Southfield Premises Liability Attorney From Haque Legal?

  • We apply a team approach to all of our cases. Our clients benefit from the strength of our networking power and our deep-rooted connections within the community.
  • Our Southfield personal injury lawyers have negotiated over $25,000,000 in settlement and court awards for our clients.
  • We are client-focused and put our clients’ satisfaction and results first.

Our Southfield injury law attorneys will fiercely advocate on your behalf in court if necessary. You can rest easy knowing that Haque Legal uses a time-effective and team-oriented approach, meaning our experienced personal injury lawyers collaborate together on your case, providing you with the legal help your particular case needs.

What Are The Types Of Premise Liability Cases We Handle?

Premise liability cases fall under personal injury cases. Many of the accidents we see from unsafe or defective premise conditions include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Defective conditions on the premises including wobbly stairs and unstable banisters

There are many more ways you can be injured in someone’s home or on their property. If you think your injury falls under a premise liability action, call us today and one of our attorneys can review your case.

Furthermore, if a death occurs due to hazardous premises, contact our skilled Southfield personal injury lawyers.

How Can You Recover Financially From A Premises Liability Accident?

If you were injured in someone’s home or apartment, an injury attorney in Southfield can help you file a claim with their homeowners or renters insurance. Premises liability coverage under a homeowner or renter’s insurance policy can include payment for:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wages
  • Death benefits
  • Legal costs

If a dog is involved in your premises liability case, be sure to get into contact with one of our Southfield dog bite injury lawyers to learn more about ways to ensure compensation.

Southfield premises liability attorney

If you experienced a catastrophic injury due to a premises liability, please reach out to our Southfield brain injury lawyers or spinal cord injury professionals in Southfield to review your case.

A Southfield premises liability lawyer can help you negotiate with the policy insurer and make sure that they pay you the settlement you deserve. In the event that the policy limits are too low to cover your injury, we can file an action in Michigan State Court.

To win your case in state court, we need to prove that you were either an invitee or licensee.

If you are an invitee, you have permission to be on the property.

  • An invitee is usually someone that is visiting a business owner’s property.
  • If you are a licensee, you also have permission to be on the property. A licensee is typically an invited social guest, mailman, delivery man, etc.

In both of these scenarios, the property owner owes you a duty to warn you of dangerous or hazardous conditions on the premises. However, an invitee is owed an even greater duty of care. The property owner must take reasonable steps to ensure the premise is free from defects and repair them or warn the invitee of them, whereas, licensees just need to be warned of the dangerous condition.

If you are considered a trespasser on the property, however, you are not protected under premises liability.

In addition to being an invitee and licensee, we will need to prove that:

  • The risk of harm is unreasonable
  • The possessor knows or in the exercise of ordinary care should have known of the condition, and should realize that it involves an unreasonable risk of harm to an invitee.

What Are The Common Defenses For A Premises Liability Claim?

Southfield premises liability attorney

Property owners or renters will likely defend that the dangers or hazardous conditions were open and obvious to you. If the at-fault party successfully presents this argument at trial, you could be precluded from financial recovery. That’s why it’s important to have a Southfield premises liability lawyer looking out for you. We will make sure that there isn’t anything the renter might be keeping in their back pocket to prevent you from securing what you deserve.

Contact A Premises Liability Attorney Today

Our skilled Southfield premises liability attorneys lawyers are standing by to assist you with your case. We will fight to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve. Contact us or call at (248) 996-9954 and one of our attorneys will walk you through the best options for your situation.