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Southfield Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of Southfield family law. At Haque Legal, we understand that both parents love and care for their child, but may have difficulty in sorting out child custody with their ex-spouse. Here, a child custody lawyer at our firm can handle the difficult conversations for you and spare you and your children months or years of custody battles in and out of court. When dealing with extremely sensitive matters like child custody, following a divorce in Southfield, it is best to have an attorney on your side that knows the Michigan family law court system inside and out. By hiring a child custody attorney, you are helping to ensure you get the custody arrangement you desire.

Why Hire A Southfield Child Custody Attorney From Haque Legal?

  • Our team has years of experience in dealing with sensitive matters like child custody.
  • We have successfully negotiated the most difficult of cases to our client’s satisfaction.
  • You won’t have just one attorney on your side, you’ll have a whole team.

What Are The Child Custody Laws In Michigan?

Michigan follows The Michigan Child Custody Act. The Act lays out 12 factors for a court to consider when determining the best child custody arrangement. The court views these twelve factors in the view that the best interests of the child are served by having a relationship with both parents.

What Types Of Custody Arrangements Are There Available In Southfield?

There are multiple types of custody arrangement such as:

  • Legal custody: A legal custody gives the parent(s) the ability to make decisions about the child’s health care, education, and general welfare. If you are awarded sole custody, then you alone have the ability to make these decisions. If you are awarded joint custody, you must make these decisions with the child’s other parent.
  • Physical custody: Physical custody is about where the child lives. If you have sole custody, then your child only lives with you. If you have joint custody then your child splits time between your home and the other parent’s home. A custody schedule will be worked out between you and your child’s other parent with the help of an attorney and a family law judge.

Who Gets Child Support?

Michigan courts take a formulaic approach to child support. Typically, among other factors, the court will take into account both parents’ salaries and the amount of time the child spends at each parents’ home. A court will likely award the parent of the home the child spends the most time at with child support to help with living expenses, food costs, and other child-rearing expenses.

What If I Am Awarded Full-Custody?

If you are awarded sole custody, your child custody attorney, you, the judge, and the other parent will need to come up with a parenting schedule and visitation schedule. Under Michigan law, the child has a right to a relationship with his or her noncustodial parent. The parenting and visitation schedule will help you and the non-custodial parent determine when the child will see the non-custodial parent.

Call A Southfield Child Custody Lawyer From Haque Legal

Hire skilled Southfield child custody lawyers at Haque Legal to help guide you through the child custody process. We know the ins and outs of Michigan child custody law and can navigate you through any potential pitfalls with ease. Contact us today and one of our knowledgeable attorneys will walk you through your options. (248) 996-9954