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Category: Traffic Violations

Posted by Haque Legal March 24, 2023 Traffic Violations

Specific Speed Limit Law in Michigan

In order to properly inform our clients over the maximum and minimum speed limit law in the state of Michigan we have decided to provide you with the complete progression that covers the speed limit law in the state of Michigan. 257.628 Maximum or minimum speed limits; determination; petition by township board; speed control signs,…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 18, 2023 Traffic Violations

Getting Your Traffic Tickets Waived in Michigan

Traffic tickets can get waived in Michigan. If you have experienced getting pulled over and you did not like it, you will not like any of the things that will happen if you get your traffic ticket points in Michigan. It can be daunting but if you have a traffic violation ticket and you want…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 12, 2023 Traffic Violations

Waivable Violations in Getting Traffic Tickets in Michigan

In some instances, there are violations in getting traffic tickets in Michigan that are waivable. This article aims to discuss the basic information about waivable violations. What are the waivable violations? The following are the waivable violations in getting traffic tickets.  Failed to Display Valid License When you fail to display a valid license, you…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 6, 2023 Traffic Violations

Traffic Fines You Should Know in Michigan

Getting a traffic ticket in Michigan is one of the things that you should be very careful about. Michigan is a strict State especially when it comes to the effect of traffic tickets on your driving record. In this article, let us look at traffic fines that you would be paying if you get a…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 28, 2023 Traffic Violations

An Update On Current Distracted Driving Laws in Michigan

There are different distracted driving laws in the United States. In the state of Michigan, it characterizes drivers into three main groups. There are drivers of motor vehicles, there are drivers of commercial motor vehicles and new drivers. As we have discussed in a previous article on the series, a driver in Michigan is not…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 22, 2023 Traffic Violations

Second Set of Reminders When Pulled Over in Michigan

We have already discussed the first set of reminders when you are pulled over in Michigan. The initial reactions that you should show as well as the demeanor that you should always follow.  With that in mind, what are the other tips that you should know? Let us continue with our discussion.  You may get…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 16, 2023 Traffic Violations

Reminders When Pulled Over in Michigan

Traffic laws can be confusing. There are instances when you need to remind yourself that you should always be mindful of the laws in case you are driving alone. Of course, even when you are following all traffic laws, you may still get pulled over. This article talks about how you should act when you…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 10, 2023 Traffic Violations

Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP): One Step Closer To Your Motorcycle License

Getting your Motorcycle License in Michigan is not an easy thing. With many motorcycle accidents happening around, the State is strict before giving any individual a chance to get their license. In this article, we revisit the requirements for getting a motorcycle license and it begins with the Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). Recap In the…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 4, 2023 Traffic Violations

Penalties for the Uninsured Driver in Michigan

When convicted for Driving without Insurance, you should expect many other challenges that will come your way. Other than the penalties that we have already discussed, there are also other penalties that you should prepare for and they are the following: You will have to pay for your vehicle damage You will have to pay…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 29, 2023 Traffic Violations

Your Defense Against The Uninsured: Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The uninsured motorist coverage applies when there is an injured person by an at-fault driver who does not have any coverage to cover the damages to the injured person. It is also the insurance coverage that aims to protect the person who is injured in a hit-and-run accident and the driver just cause of unidentified…
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