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Category: Traffic Violations

Posted by Haque Legal November 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Driving Licenses in Michigan

Here at Haque Legal, we have created this article mainly to provide you with information on definitions of the different kinds of driving licenses in Michigan. Let us begin. Operator’s license The operator’s license is the most basic Michigan driver’s license. Chauffeur’s license A chauffeur’s license is required if you are employed for the principal…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 23, 2022 Traffic Violations

Why Do Your Driving Points Matter in Michigan?

Every kind of traffic violation that you get convicted of in the state of Michigan would have dire consequences. You would have to pay the fine and the penalty but you also need to pay in terms of the points that will be placed on your driving records. Your driving points will severely affect not…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 17, 2022 Traffic Violations

Contest Your Traffic ticket in Michigan Now

Getting a traffic ticket in Michigan should never be taken lightly. We have had some clients tell us that they no longer want to contest their traffic tickets because they think that it is a futile exercise. Some clients no longer want to face it because of the expenses that are attached not just to…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 11, 2022 Traffic Violations

Common Mistakes In Case of An Accident That Could Lead To A Criminal Charge

When you are in an accident, you may make some common mistakes. The mistakes you make are not just in terms of the way you handle your insurance claims but mistakes that could mean criminal conviction in the long run.  With that in mind, Haque Legal wants to provide you with some common mistakes that…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 5, 2022 Traffic Violations

What If I Flee From The Scene of An Accident?

Accidents happen. In most instances, people do not know what they would do in case of an accident. This is one of the primary reasons why fleeing from the scene of the accident should not be your first response in case of an accident.  Michigan is a no-fault State. The fault does not need to…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Criminal Traffic Violations in Michigan

There are a lot of criminal traffic violations that you need to know when you are driving around in the State of Michigan. To wit, they are the following: Vehicular Manslaughter OWI/DUI/OUIL/OWVI Fleeing the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident Reckless/Careless Driving Open Container Refusing a Chemical Test In the coming articles, we will discuss…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 24, 2022 Traffic Violations

Is it possible for me to Remove Traffic Records from Public Websites in Michigan?

A lot of people want to know about traffic records and how they can remove them from public websites in Michigan.  Public Accessibility Generally, records generated by government agencies are publicly accessible at all times. The records are often available on many public websites such as those that are created by data brokerage firms. Court…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 12, 2022 Traffic Violations

Do I have a traffic ticket in Michigan?

There have been instances when we receive clients who would ask us about a traffic ticket that they received. Sometimes, vehicles get impounded for unpaid traffic tickets and licenses get suspended.  To prevent this from happening to you, this article aims to provide information on traffic tickets in Michigan and what you need to know…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 6, 2022 Traffic Violations

What is the best outcome when I contest a traffic ticket in Michigan?

We have already discussed the effects of not contesting your traffic ticket in Michigan and we have concluded that it is because the future costs are higher than present costs.  If you do decide to contest a traffic ticket in Michigan, you can have the best outcome that you possibly can through the following: Best…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 26, 2022 Traffic Violations

Right of Way, U-Turns, and State Law in Michigan Traffic

In the previous article, we have shared with you some answers that the State of Michigan shared for drivers in the Michigan. We continue answering some questions in this article. Question: Are U-turns legal in Michigan? Answer: Under state law and in the absence of a traffic control device prohibiting same, the maneuver may be completed…
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