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Category: Personal Injury

Posted by Haque Legal March 31, 2023 Auto Accident

Three BIG Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

When placed in a crash, it is normal to be in a panic. We have had lots of clients tell us that they do not know what was happening at the time of the crash. Your memory will not even serve you right when the time has already passed from the accident. Here at Haque…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 29, 2023 Personal Injury

Updates on Repealed Laws for Michigan Dog Bites

There are some provisions on Michigan dog bites law that have been repealed and edited. Read this article to learn more about the repealed laws. Repealed Laws The following are the repealed laws for Michigan dog bites. 287.301 Dogs; tattooing of serial number; application fee. – 287.301 to 287.307. Repealed by P.A.2016, No. 253, §…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 25, 2023 Auto Accident

Property Protection Insurance (PPI) in Michigan

If you have car in Michigan, you need to get the right insurance. One of the required insurances is the Property Protection Insurance (PPI) in Michigan. We have already discussed this in previous articles but let us look at some facts again. Michigan is a No-Fault Car Insurance State There are not very many states…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 23, 2023 Personal Injury

Is There A One Bite Rule in Michigan?

When it comes to dogs, we all have a tendency to have a soft heart. We all love dogs as they show the great example of what we want – loyal, friendly, and always there to support.  However, in some cases, people would have to accept that the main defense mechanism of dogs is in…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 19, 2023 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Quick Checklist in Case You Get Injured in a Car Accident and Wants To Sue

There are a couple of things that you should know in case you get into an accident and you get injured. While no one wants to fall victim to an injury, every person still needs to know their rights and what they should do if they get injured.  Let us provide you with a quick…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 17, 2023 Personal Injury

Open and Obvious Doctrine in Michigan

A hazard is considered open and obvious if a person, who only has average and ordinary intelligence, would have discovered the hazard upon casual inspection.  This helps the landowner or the landlord in a situation where a personal injury, in the case of a slip and fall, happens on his property. If the ordinary person…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 13, 2023 Auto Accident

Importance of Your Medical Records in Auto Accidents in Michigan

In previous articles, including one where we talked about your medical records, we have shared some specific facts. Medical records offer proof. They offer proof of injuries and the recovery process to insurance carriers and personal injury juries. Without medical records, an individual is unlikely to find success with their insurance or personal injury case….
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Posted by Haque Legal March 11, 2023 Personal Injury

Licensing and Vaccination Laws for Dogs and Dog Bites in Michigan

You need to keep in mind that licensing your dogs is required in the State of Michigan. Read on the following legal basis for you to know the laws in the State of Michigan regarding dog bites in the State. Legal Basis 287.266 Dog license, application, issuance; refund of fees; vaccination of dog Sec. 6….
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Posted by Haque Legal March 7, 2023 Auto Accident

Accidents Happen: Facts About Your Liability

In the article Can You Go To Jail For Accidentally Hitting Someone With Your Car?, we have given you some information about what may happen if you get into an accident. In this article, we expand on some of the points that we shared in that article. Fact 1: A True Accident Means Jail is…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 5, 2023 Personal Injury

Responsibilities for Dogs and Dog Bites in Michigan

An individual needs to know his responsibility when it comes to owning a dog. In this article, let us revisit the legal basis for liability on dog bites. Legal Basis 287.351 Person bitten by dog; liability of owner Sec. 1. (1) If a dog bites a person, without provocation while the person is on public…
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