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Category: Family Law

Posted by Haque Legal June 26, 2022 Family Law

Initial Things To Do When Drafting Your Prenup Agreement in Michigan

When drafting your prenuptial agreement in Michigan, you should be well informed. You should be very careful of what you put on your prenuptial agreement and how you will discuss it. With that, you must be prepared in the process of preparing for your marriage.  In this article, Haque Legal discusses the important things that…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 20, 2022 Family Law

Getting A Prenup in Michigan

Getting a prenup in the State of Michigan is a legal possibility. You can ask a lawyer to help you draft a prenuptial agreement in Michigan. However, things are not as easy as it seems. With that, you should keep in mind that there are some questions about getting a prenup in Michigan that can…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 14, 2022 Family Law

Reality Check: Why Should You Consider Getting A Prenup Agreement in Michigan?

Are you getting married soon? You should consider getting a prenup in Michigan, or wherever you may live. Here at Haque Legal, we can help you with your prenup agreement. What are the things that you need to know about when you are considering getting a prenup agreement? Let us look at some of the…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 8, 2022 Family Law

Is A Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

Whether you like it or not, the consideration of getting a prenuptial agreement is always a possibility. You may have a lot of questions about it. With that, this article aims to provide you with information on a prenuptial agreement and whether or not it is right for you. A Prenup protects your properties A…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 2, 2022 Family Law

The Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict and How You Can Relate It To Defamation in Michigan

In a recent turn of events, the world witnessed the Johnny Depp defamation trial. After a six-year battle against negative media and losing jobs here and there, Johnny Depp is said to have filed the case to gain his life back. The Verdict The verdict in the defamation trial and the rebuttal case filed against…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 27, 2022 Criminal Law,Family Law

Defining the Crime of Child Abuse in Michigan

We have all been terrified by child abuse that we see online or in news releases. It is hard not to take things personally when you see that children are experiencing abuse. As lawyers in the practice, we have seen a lot of cases. We have handled a lot of cases that involved families, couples,…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 21, 2022 Criminal Law,Family Law

Child Abuse in Michigan

As lawyers in the practice, we have seen a lot of cases. We have handled a lot of cases that involved families, couples, friends, and all other relationships that could turn sour. None has caused us more anxiety than when it is children involved. In the next series of articles, we will discuss child abuse…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 15, 2022 Family Law

What Affects The Cost Of Hiring A Family Lawyer in Michigan?

On one of our pages, we have said that we practice family law. As a Southfield Family Law Lawyer, our lawyers have handled different kinds of situations. Some clients during consultations ask us why Haque Legal should be the name to trust when it comes to family law in Michigan. Let us count the ways….
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Posted by Haque Legal May 9, 2022 Family Law

Defending Parental Kidnapping in Michigan

Parental kidnapping is one of the charges that often happened during the pandemic. With one parent having some parenting time and things going wrong, it may have happened to you or someone you know.  With that, with the high number of consultations that we received relating to parental kidnapping. Let us continue our discussion about…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 3, 2022 Family Law

Grounds for Parental Kidnapping in Michigan

In the case of a divorce or an annulment of marriage, the parties would separate their lives. What was once intertwined would change into something that none of them expected. Divorce changes a lot of things. Not only your relationship with your ex-spouse, the one you previously called the love of your life, but also…
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