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Can I contest my traffic ticket in Michigan?

Contesting your traffic ticket in Michigan is important. We always say that you have to fight for your rights whenever you are faced with something that will form part of your permanent record. 

With that, let us talk about how you can contest your traffic ticket in Michigan because we deem it important for you to fight back.

Why is it important to contest a traffic ticket in Michigan?

We have had some clients tell us that they no longer want to confess their traffic tickets because they think that it is a futile exercise. Some clients no longer want to face it because of the expenses that are attached not just to fighting back the traffic ticket but also paying to lawyers in ensuring that the traffic ticket in Michigan is correct.

We always say that it is important for you to contest your traffic ticket in Michigan because the only person who can fight back any traffic ticket would be yourself and no matter how good your lawyer is, if you do not have the initiative to fight back then there is no sense in hiring a lawyer in the first place.

With that, if you are unsure if you want to contest your traffic ticket in Michigan, we have listed down some reasons why you need to fight back. 

Higher insurance premiums are no joke.

You should expect that some traffic tickets can cost you 3 to 5 years of your life following the incident. The costs of the premium are far greater than the cost of your efforts combined.

We always say that when you are involved in a car accident or when you have a traffic ticket in Michigan you have to expect that you would have 2 to 5 years of increased insurance premiums following the incident. 

The costs of the premium are high and it is comparably higher than the ones that you will have to pay your lawyer or the law firm that will handle your case.

Your driving points are affected.

We have reiterated over and over again that driving points coming from traffic or moving violations will affect your life and your driving points are affected when you have a traffic ticket in Michigan. Keep in mind that the points will appear and accumulate on your permanent record and it will affect every aspect of your driving.

If you do not contest a ticket now, it may be taken against you later.

If you were sure that you are innocent of the traffic violation that was being attributed against you you should contest it because if you do not it will be taken against you later on. When you have a moving violation you will have to be convicted in open court and even if you just have to pay a fine because of the little violation that you have it will appear on your permanent record and the prosecutor will use it when you contest future tickets.

We always believed that it is important for you to contest anything that would violate your right now because it will hunt you not just now but also in the future.

Your employer will look at you differently.

When you have a driving violation it is not something that you would want to tell your employer. Employers do not trust individuals with company cars if they have a record of a wreck or a crush or a record of a traffic violation. If you were dreaming of getting that company car then you should make sure that you have a perfect driving record. Contesting a ticket that you are innocent on should be your number one priority.

Not contesting is an admission of guilt.

Whether or not to admit it, not contesting a ticket means that you are admitting that you are guilty of the traffic violation. If it is a one-mile-per-hour speeding ticket and you are not in the mood to confess it you should consider that that permanent record will form part of an admission of guilt over a traffic violation and will be used against you over and over again in other traffic violations. After all, you are not just driving now but you will be driving for the rest of your life.

It is an out-of-pocket expense.

Life is already expensive as it is and paying for insurance is already expensive as it is. Keep in mind that a traffic violation or a traffic ticket in Michigan is an out-of-pocket expense that you probably do not have any budget for and even if you think that it would cost you money the best thing for you to do is to fight it back because the future costs are higher than the present ones.

Were you pulled over in Michigan?

Now that you know some facts about getting traffic tickets in the State of Michigan, it is time to get down to it. If you require a lawyer who can assist you with ensuring that you protect your rights to your property, it is important to know that you also have a team that can help you out with your specific needs. 

Our law firm is dedicated to making sure that those who are innocent will be protected by the law and the full extent of justice will be used.


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