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Posted by Haque Legal October 27, 2021 Family Law

What Happens When You Get Divorced in Michigan With Minor Children?

Haque Legal has handled a lot of situations of divorce where there are minor children involved. We must warn you that this part will not be accessible at all. When you have minor children and live in Michigan, there are four issues that you need to settle before you can finalize your divorce. Who gets…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 26, 2021 Criminal Law

Defending Financial and High-Level White-Collar Crimes

If you have watched a lot of shows, you have probably heard of white-collar crimes. A white-collar crime is one of the most famous crimes committed since the 1940s. The term was coined back in 1939 when fraud became the center of criminal activity committed by business and government professionals. White-collar crimes are often committed…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 25, 2021 Criminal Law

What is Michigan’s Revenge Porn Law and Exploitation Crimes

The dawn of the new era of technology has also given birth to many new ways of exploitation. For some individuals, the problem is in the existence of many cybercrimes that aim to create financial damage towards them. For others, they experience online exploitation through what is now called revenge porn. This article will talk…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 24, 2021 Criminal Law

Cyber Crimes and How to Protect Yourself

The world has become so big that even the internet is now part of it. While the internet has provided a lot of significant advances to human civilization, it has also given birth to a new set of problems that law enforcement individuals would have to face. With that, this article aims to provide information…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 23, 2021 Criminal Law

Domestic Violence: State and Federal Laws

Domestic violence happens everywhere. According to the National Statistics Domestic Violence Fact Sheet, more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually. These are the reported cases; what more should we expect in the issues that are not registered? With that, prosecuting and defending domestic violence cases is undoubtedly a challenge for a lot of…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 22, 2021 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

What Is An Insurance Adjuster?

If you have been in an accident or have filed a claim on your insurance due to a personal injury case, you have probably heard of an insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster must have a reasonable understanding of the insurance laws and how it applies to an insurance contract. There are a lot of requirements…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 21, 2021 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Distracted Driving Laws in Michigan

Every state has its Distracted Driving Laws. Michigan enforces civil infractions to punish and deter distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted studies of how inattention is the leading factor that causes many crashes further causing injury or death. If you are a victim of one of these…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 20, 2021 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Arrive Alive- How to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major problem in the United States. Cars are designed with so many bells and whistles that can distract you for a split second while on the road. Or, passengers and family in the car. Taking the proper precautions to set your mind and environment right will help prevent you or others…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 19, 2021 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Distracted Driving Statistics in Michigan

Michigan has strict Distracted Driving laws in the United States. It is a serious matter in Michigan and the numbers do not lie. If you want to know how seriously you should take distracted driving, you should know more about the Distracted Driving Statistics in Michigan. There are different studies and different organizations that looked…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 19, 2021 Criminal Law

Michigan’s Clean Slate Law- How to Expunge Your Criminal Record

Our law firm has been receiving a lot of questions and calls about the Clean Slate law implementation in Michigan. And since we want to provide you with the best information possible about every single law that you want to apply and every single right that you have we have created this article, and a…
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