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Posted by Haque Legal January 3, 2023 Family Law

New Year Reminder: Why Should You Hire A Family Lawyer In Michigan?

With the new year, your problems may still be haunting you. Dealing with problems on your own may hurt you more than it may help you. A family lawyer in Michigan is someone who can help you deal with personal matters in the most discreet way. Why should you hire a family lawyer? This article…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 2, 2023 Immigration

Naturalization Process in the United States

The USCIS made a shortlist of ten steps that you should look at to prepare you for the naturalization process. If your 2023 goal is to start this process for yourself or for someone you love, this process is for you. Step One: Determine your Citizenship Your citizenship is the first factor that you should…
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Posted by Haque Legal January 1, 2023 Criminal Law

Felonies Relating To Gun Possession in Michigan

In the State of Michigan, two laws can be confused with each other, but both are equally strict. One is the Felon in Possession of a Firearm (FIP) and another is a Felony Firearm (FF).  What are the differences between the two? When would one be charged compared to the other? There are only a…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 31, 2022 Firm News

Happy New Year!

The year 2022 has been a blast! We hope you have a more meaningful new year and enjoy your time with what and who matters the most in your life!

Posted by Haque Legal December 30, 2022 Personal Injury

Reminding You Of the Michigan Dram Shop Law This Holiday Season

The Michigan Dram shop law is embodied in Section 436.1801. The law provides that Michigan compiled laws Section 436.8101 is used to hold an alcohol vendor liable for an alcohol-related accident. If the alcohol is provided by the vendor to an individual who is a minor or a visibly drunk person, the liquor store owner,…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 29, 2022 Traffic Violations

Winter is Here! Michigan Snow Driving Tips

The State of Michigan has never been remiss in providing driving safety tips for drivers in the area. Whether you are a driver in Michigan or just passing through, this article aims to share what the State of Michigan has shared in terms of driver safety during snowy conditions in Michigan. Tips On Driving a…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 28, 2022 Personal Injury

What if you suffered a miscarriage due to a car collision in Michigan?

If you suffered a miscarriage due to the car collision in Michigan, there are a couple of things that you can do but the most important thing is that you get the person responsible for your accident behind bars. File A Case If you suffered a miscarriage due to the crash, there is another kind…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 27, 2022 Family Law

Fight for Parenting Time During the Holidays

With the New Year coming, divorced couples are often fighting about who gets the children. In this article, let us refresh your knowledge on parenting time and what it is all about. What Is Parenting Time? Generally, parenting time is defined in law with the following provisions: 722.27a Parenting time.  Sec. 7a. (1) Parenting time…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 26, 2022 Immigration

Post Placement Reporting: What To Expect After an Intercountry Adoption in Michigan?

Adoption is a very strict process. It does not end when you already have the child in your arms. There are some things that you should expect after you get your family together in the United States.  In the second part of this series, let us look at post-placement reporting and what you should expect…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 25, 2022 Criminal Defense,Criminal Law

What Constitutes a Cyber Crime in Michigan?

Cyber crime is prevalent during the holiday season. Somehow, people are more vulnerable to join scams and be victims of cyber crimes online.  In this article, let us look at what constitutes cyber crime in Michigan and what you should know about it.  According to law enforcement websites, any kind of malicious activity that goes…
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