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Posted by Haque Legal June 7, 2022 Immigration

Importance of the Interview for the Citizenship Application

If you are applying for citizenship in the United States, you will probably go through the new citizenship application interview process.  In this article, let us discuss the importance of the interview process for your citizenship application in the United States.  Reasons For The Interview According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS),…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 6, 2022 Auto Accident

Do You Need a Motorcycle License in Michigan?

Motorcycles are fantastic ways to get out on the roadways. Not only are they wonderful with gas mileage, but they allow you to truly experience the scenery around you. However, do motorcyclists in Michigan need a motorcycle license in order to remain legal on the roadway? Here, we want to discuss the specifics of a…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 6, 2022 Criminal Law

Assault Felony and Domestic Violence in Michigan

Domestic violence is a problem for many States. In the State of Michigan, domestic violence is an issue that we have tried to address by passing a lot of laws against it. In this article, let us continue discussing assault felony and domestic violence cases in Michigan. Assault with Intent To Maim The felony of…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 5, 2022 Auto Accident

What if I do not have car insurance in Michigan?

It is possible that you do not have car insurance in Michigan. By one reason or another, you may have failed to renew your insurance or you may not have had enough funds to pay for the premiums.  Here at Haque Legal, we want to make sure that you have all of the right information…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 4, 2022 Auto Accident

Common Mistakes In The Process of Filing For Your Driving License Restoration

In the first few articles, we have discussed that there are different reasons for you to get your license revoked as well as the ways that you can get your license renewed. Let us continue with our discussion. Common Mistakes In The Process of Filing There are some mistakes that you can make in the…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 3, 2022 Personal Injury

Personal Injury Timeline: Contacting A Lawyer

A personal injury case in Michigan is often looked at with the highest level of priority. This does not mean, however, that you should expect a quick resolution and disposition of your case. If you have a personal injury case and you want to know how long it will last, let us look at some…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 2, 2022 Family Law

The Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict and How You Can Relate It To Defamation in Michigan

In a recent turn of events, the world witnessed the Johnny Depp defamation trial. After a six-year battle against negative media and losing jobs here and there, Johnny Depp is said to have filed the case to gain his life back. The Verdict The verdict in the defamation trial and the rebuttal case filed against…
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Posted by Haque Legal June 1, 2022 Immigration

Migrate To Michigan

Southfield Immigration Lawyer at Haque Legal If you need help for your immigration needs, contact a skilled Southfield Immigration attorney at Haque Legal immediately. An immigration lawyer can help you get the right requirements for your VISA needs, mitigate the outcome of any immigration problem, and make sure that you have legal assistance every step…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 31, 2022 Criminal Law

The Michigan Criminal Code

Haque Legal has written a lot of articles about Michigan Criminal Law. As much as we have discussed some of the specifics in the Michigan Criminal Code, we deem it proper to five you an overview of the Michigan Criminal Code.  Where is the Michigan Criminal Code found? If you want to read the law…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 30, 2022 Auto Accident

What Are The Many Penalties To Expect For The Uninsured in Michigan?

Accidents happen every day. Nobody can predict when an accident may happen. However, even if you cannot predict when the accident may happen, you may at least prepare for it.  In the article series Everything You Need To Know About Car Insurance Coverage in Michigan, we have discussed the more important aspects of insurance coverage…
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