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Posted by Haque Legal November 20, 2022 Immigration

Do Not Be A Victim of Adoption Scams

There are a lot of couples who opt to adopt children from other countries and migrate those children to the United States. There are now steps taken by adoption scams to make others part with their hard-earned money. With that, we recommend that individuals look at the right law firm to help them out with…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 19, 2022 Criminal Defense,Criminal Law

Expungement in Michigan 

In this article, let us revisit the meaning of expungement in Michigan and what it means for you. What is Expungement? In simpler terms, expungement refers to erasing or removing something completely. When applied in law, to expunge refers to the process where the record of a criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 18, 2022 Auto Accident

Independent Medical Examination in Insurance Claims in Michigan

In the previous article, we discussed attending a mental and physical examination as a way to filter out fraudulent claims in the State of Michigan and insurance claims.  We have discussed Michigan Court Rule 2.311 which provides that when the mental or physical condition of a person is in controversy, the court may order the…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 17, 2022 Traffic Violations

Contest Your Traffic ticket in Michigan Now

Getting a traffic ticket in Michigan should never be taken lightly. We have had some clients tell us that they no longer want to contest their traffic tickets because they think that it is a futile exercise. Some clients no longer want to face it because of the expenses that are attached not just to…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 16, 2022 Personal Injury

Dog Leash Laws in Michigan

Michigan dog leash laws should be known by dog owners in Michigan.  Most dog owners in the State of Michigan should be very careful about the way that they let their dogs out and off their leashes in public. Usually, there is not a problem but when there is, it is better to be prepared. …
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Posted by Haque Legal November 15, 2022 Family Law

Mental Health Issues That Affect Child Custody in Michigan: Domestic Violence

Mental health is a topic that used to be discussed only within the courts. However, times are really changing and it is now public knowledge that mental health can affect a child custody case in Michigan.  With that, let us look at the mental health issues and factors that affect child custody in Michigan. Generally,…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 14, 2022 Immigration

Hague Process Immigration to Michigan

Immigration to the United States is one of the most sought-after acts in the world. A lot of individuals have a goal of living the American dream. In this article, let us summarize the Hague Process of immigration to Michigan, United States.  Background The Hague Process of Immigration has been defined by the United States…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 13, 2022 Criminal Law

Revisiting White-Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are often committed with the motivation of having financial gain. The investigations of criminal activities are done by many government agencies. Joint efforts are conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation together with the United States Postal Inspection Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Commodity Futures…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 12, 2022 Auto Accident

Attending a Mental or Physical Examination as a Tool Critical to Filtering out Fraudulent Claims

Filtering out fraudulent claims is an important task that insurance companies in the State of Michigan are required to do. Filtering out fraudulent claims has been the subject of a lot of jurisprudence in the State of Michigan.  With that, let us discuss some of the tools that are critical to filtering out fraudulent claims….
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Posted by Haque Legal November 11, 2022 Traffic Violations

Common Mistakes In Case of An Accident That Could Lead To A Criminal Charge

When you are in an accident, you may make some common mistakes. The mistakes you make are not just in terms of the way you handle your insurance claims but mistakes that could mean criminal conviction in the long run.  With that in mind, Haque Legal wants to provide you with some common mistakes that…
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