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Author: Fahd Haque

Posted by Haque Legal December 6, 2022 Auto Accident

Legalities in Unreasonably Parked Vehicles in the State of Michigan

What happens if an unreasonably parked vehicle causes an accident in the State of Michigan? This article talks about the legalities related to unreasonably parked vehicles. Legal Provisions The following are the legal provisions of related to unreasonably parked vehicles, such as: MCL 500.3106(1) Unreasonably Parked Vehicles (1) “Accidental bodily injury does not arise out…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 5, 2022 Traffic Violations

Fines and Penalties of A Traffic Ticket in Michigan

A Michigan traffic ticket is a very serious one especially if you are planning on living and the state of Michigan for your whole life. There are fines associated with the traffic ticket that will be determined by the district where you committed your violation and there are fees involved and listed on the ticket…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 4, 2022 Personal Injury

My Landlord’s Dog Bit Me, What Are My Rights?

If you have a landlord and your landlord has a dog, you should know your rights in case the dog becomes violent and bites you.  Read this article to find out more. General Rule: Dog Owners Are Liable For Their Dogs The general rule is that dog owners are liable for their dogs. Hence, landlords…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 3, 2022 Family Law

Acquainting Yourself With Spousal Support in Michigan

One of the common problems that spouses reach is the amount of spousal support that the non-working spouse would receive. There are a lot of questions surrounding spousal support. In this article, let us rehash your knowledge about spousal support in Michigan. Is there a specific formula for the amount of spousal support? No, there…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 2, 2022 Immigration

What Should You Expect After Adoption in Michigan?

After the process of adoption in Michigan, you must know the process that you will go through with the child. If you went through the process of intercountry adoption, you will go through the process of obtaining citizenship in Michigan.  In this article, let us discuss what you should expect after adoption in Michigan. What…
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Posted by Haque Legal December 1, 2022 Criminal Law

White Collar Crimes That Begin Around the Holidays

Around the holidays, there is a new breed of crime that often comes out. This may be because people are in need or because the workforce starts having Christmas bonuses. For whatever reason, white collar crimes in Michigan or anywhere else happen more around the holidays.  With that, let us brush up on your knowledge…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 30, 2022 Auto Accident

Basic Provisions for No-Fault Insurance in Michigan

This article answers questions that individuals may have with no-fault insurance through the provisions of the laws in Michigan.  Mandatory Insurance MCL 500.3101(1) provides for Security for Payment of Benefits which provides: “The owner or registrant of a motor vehicle required to be registered in [Michigan] shall maintain security for payment of benefits under personal…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Driving Licenses in Michigan

Here at Haque Legal, we have created this article mainly to provide you with information on definitions of the different kinds of driving licenses in Michigan. Let us begin. Operator’s license The operator’s license is the most basic Michigan driver’s license. Chauffeur’s license A chauffeur’s license is required if you are employed for the principal…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 28, 2022 Personal Injury

Revisiting McCormick v Carrier in Michigan

The case of McCormick v Carrier is a case that was decided by the Michigan Supreme Court on August 1, 2010. According to some legal analysts, it is the decision that restored the use of common sense to Michigan’s auto accident law.  McCormick established the new definition of “serious impairment of body function”. Three different…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 27, 2022 Family Law

Different Types of Spousal Support and Questions You Need Answers To

There are different kinds of spousal support but they all mean the same thing – you have to pay your former spouse with a chunk of your hard-earned money.  Alimony in Gross There is alimony in gross. Alimony in gross means property division that is payable through either a lump-sum award or through fixed periodic…
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