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Assessing the Levels of Protection From Different Auto Insurance Coverages in Michigan

If you are the type of person who wants to know how fully protected you are against anything that life will throw your way then you know the importance of auto insurance coverage. In the state of Michigan, the complete overhaul of the no-fault law also gave rise to new kinds of insurance coverages that are mandatory or that are optional but are both very important in terms of providing you with the coverage that you may or may not need.

This article aims to provide information on how you can assess the levels of protection from different auto insurance coverages in Michigan and how you can properly protect yourself against any auto accident in Michigan.

What does getting full coverage mean?

As we have discussed in previous articles there are two main categories and terms of the insurance coverage available in the state of Michigan.

In the article, Everything You Need To Know About Car Insurance Coverage in Michigan: Introduction Part One, we have discussed that there are different types of insurance coverage in Michigan. We have looked as well at the concept of PLPD or the “personal liability and property damage” insurance in Michigan and the different kinds of optional and mandatory insurance policies. But we have yet to discuss this concept: the full coverage protection offered by a collision insurance policy and a comprehensive insurance company.

Full coverage insurance means that you have both the collision coverage and comprehensive coverage on top of the PLPD or the “personal liability and property damage” insurance in Michigan, which are the mandatory insurance coverages in Michigan.

Keep in mind that full coverage means getting the optional insurance policy coverages of collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. We always recommend that you get your full coverage to protect you from big car accidents and the costs that are associated with them.

Is there an exception to the need for full coverage?

Yes, a parked vehicle is exempted from using its full coverage to get the full insurance proceeds. In the state of Michigan, a vehicle that is properly parked and in a place that is meant to be a parking area is considered a property. The property protection insurance of the driver at-fault will cover the damages including the loss of use of the car as well as the repair of the vehicle. 

However, there is a catch to this exception. If the driver of the motor vehicle that hit your car does not have insurance coverage you will not have the same level of protection so you need to still make sure that you have collision coverage at all times.

Does full coverage include damages caused by a fight?

If you have been in a fight and someone hit your vehicle it should be covered by the comprehensive insurance that you will get if you get full coverage. This falls under vandalism or any other damages that are caused to your vehicle. Since it is defined as comprehensive there is no need to go into the full detail of the vandalism but you may also have to name the person who vandalized the vehicle if it is required by your comprehensive insurance provider.

Who Do I Go After If The Vehicle That Crashed is Owned by A Corporation?

If the vehicle that crashed into you is owned by a corporation then the corporation will be represented by its lawyer and the same would automatically be moved to a district court. You cannot handle such a claim on your own and you would need to have a private lawyer who can go after the driver only and make sure that you do not get any other kind of problem that would add additional expense and frustration.

Who pays for a vehicle damaged while being rented?

If you get the optional rental insurance then the insurance company would cover the damages but if you did not get any of the optional rental insurance then you will have to consider this as an out-of-pocket expense.

Get Yourself a Good Lawyer

Here at Haque Legal, we always tell potential clients that the best thing that they can do in case of an insurance dispute is to get themself a good lawyer at the beginning of the proceedings. Even when you are just filling up forms or when you think that you already have a dispute, you can always get yourself a good lawyer to get started with the process.

The first great thing that you can do is to make sure that you have a good guide when it comes to dealing with the legalities of your claim. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have been involved in a car accident in Michigan, make sure that you are protected. By contacting your insurance company, you will have what you need in terms of their decision and see if they just need a little nudge in the right direction.

If the answer of the insurance company is not positive on your claim, then you need to make sure that you will get going with your complaint.

A Southfield car accident lawyer can help you get started with your claim. Our injury attorneys at Haque Legal will see to it that your needs are met from beginning to the end of the proceedings. You are always in good hands with Haque Legal and what it has to offer.


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