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Month: May 2023

Posted by Haque Legal May 30, 2023 Criminal Defense,Criminal Law

Stealthing in Michigan

Stealthing is a term used to describe removing or tampering with a condom during sexual intercourse without the knowledge or consent of the partner. It is a form of sexual violence that can lead to unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and psychological trauma. While stealthing has been widely condemned as unethical and immoral, there has…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 29, 2023 Auto Accident

Update Your Knowledge On The Michigan No-Fault System

The Michigan no-fault system, officially known as the Michigan Auto Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF), has been a unique auto insurance program since the 1970s. The system was designed to provide drivers with a more affordable and accessible way to purchase auto insurance, but it has also been controversial over the years. Recently, the Michigan no-fault…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 28, 2023 Traffic Violations

Can A Guardian Sue In Case of A School Zone Accident in Michigan?

When a child is injured in a school zone accident, parents and guardians may wonder if they have the legal right to sue for damages. In Michigan, the answer is generally yes; guardians can sue for a school zone accident. However, several factors will determine the guardian’s ability to file a lawsuit and the extent…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 27, 2023 Personal Injury

A Case of Slipping and Falling in Dog Poop in Michigan

Slipping and falling into dog poop is an unpleasant experience that no one wants to go through. Not only is it embarrassing, but it can also lead to serious injuries that require medical attention. When this happens, it’s important to understand your legal rights and the parties’ liability. Premise Liability Laws in Michigan In Michigan,…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 26, 2023 Family Law

Getting Your Affairs Fixed on Your First Marriage before your Second Marriage in Michigan

Some marriages end in divorce, and it can be tempting to move on quickly and jump into a second marriage without taking the time to resolve issues from the first marriage. However, it is essential to get affairs fixed on your first marriage before your second marriage, and this article will provide some tips on…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 25, 2023 Immigration

Best VISAs To Get For A Quicker Migration to the United States

If you want to migrate to the United States, specifically Michigan, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate visa. The process of getting a visa can be lengthy and complicated, but certain types of visas can help expedite the process.  In this article, we’ll look at the best visas to apply for to get quick migration…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 24, 2023 Criminal Defense,Criminal Law

Stealthing Is A Crime In Michigan

Stealthing, the act of removing or tampering with a condom during sexual intercourse without the knowledge or consent of one’s partner, has been gaining attention in recent years. While some may view stealthing as a harmless act or a breach of trust, it is important to understand that it is considered rape in Michigan. Defining…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 23, 2023 Auto Accident

Consequences of Bribing Independent Medical Examinations in Michigan

In Michigan, insurance fraud is a serious offense that can result in criminal charges, civil penalties, and the revocation of an individual’s professional license. Attempting to influence the outcome of an IME through bribery or other unethical means can be considered insurance fraud and may result in criminal charges. Rules on Using Independent Medical Examinations…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 22, 2023 Traffic Violations

Negligence in School Zones in Michigan

In Michigan, school zones are designated areas near schools subject to special traffic rules and regulations. These rules are designed to ensure the safety of students and other pedestrians in and around the school. When a driver causes an accident in a school zone and injures a child, they may be liable for the damages…
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Posted by Haque Legal May 21, 2023 Personal Injury

Steps in Addressing a Cat Bite in Michigan

It can be a traumatic experience for any parent when a neighbor’s cat bites their child. Not only is there an immediate concern for the child’s physical well-being, but there can also be legal issues to consider.  In the state of Michigan, there are specific laws in place to protect individuals from animal bites and…
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