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Month: April 2023

Posted by Haque Legal April 30, 2023 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Is It Wise To Hide Your Medical Condition During Insurance Claims?

When it comes to insurance claims, it can be tempting to hide certain information, significantly if it could impact the outcome of the claim. When involved in an auto accident in Michigan, you are not expected to be in a picture-perfect state of health. However, hiding a medical condition in insurance claims in Michigan could…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 29, 2023 Traffic Violations

What Rights Do I Have During A Civil Infraction for Traffic Tickets in Michigan?

It bears repeating that a civil infraction does not have the same level of requirements as a criminal violation. Hence, it bears repeating that a civil infraction will not have the same level of rights as the ones you are afforded in a criminal infraction.  With that in mind, what are the few rights that…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 28, 2023 Personal Injury

Highest Amounts of Personal Injury Settlements in Michigan

Personal injury claims can arise from various incidents, such as car accidents, slips, falls, or medical malpractice. These claims allow individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another party to seek compensation for their losses.  Personal injury settlements in Michigan can vary widely, with some cases resulting in significant payouts. This article…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 27, 2023 Family Law

Fighting For Child Custody During Incarceration

Child custody is a sensitive issue, and it can be incredibly challenging when one or both parents are incarcerated. In Michigan, the legal system provides guidelines for determining child custody when a parent is in prison. It is essential to understand the laws and procedures involved to ensure the child’s best interests are met. When…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 26, 2023 Immigration

Migration to Michigan and Visas

The United States of America is known for its diverse and multicultural population. As a result, various visas are available for individuals who wish to migrate to the country for multiple reasons. In this article, we will explore the different kinds of visas available in the United States and discuss migration to Michigan. Non-Immigrant Visas…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 25, 2023 Criminal Defense,Criminal Law

Sexual Abuse in Michigan

Sexual abuse is a heinous crime in many parts of the world, including Michigan. In Michigan, sexual abuse takes many forms and can result in severe and lasting trauma for victims.  In this article, let us talk about some of the forms of sexual abuse in Michigan and the penalties associated with them. Rape Rape…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 24, 2023 Auto Accident

Pre-Existing Conditions and Auto Accidents in Michigan

Auto accidents are common in Michigan, and unfortunately, they can have severe consequences for those involved. If you have a pre-existing condition, you may wonder how an auto accident will impact your health and legal rights. This article will explore the laws on pre-existing conditions and auto accidents in Michigan. Michigan is a no-fault state…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 23, 2023 Traffic Violations

Worst Penalties for Civil Infraction in Traffic Tickets in Michigan

In the previous articles of this series, we discussed civil infractions and traffic tickets in Michigan. As we have said, it is about civil liability and people would only need to pay a fine for a civil infraction.  However, what happens when you already have a sanction entered against you? When you have a sanction…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 22, 2023 Personal Injury

Changes To Personal Injury Law in Michigan 

Personal injury law in Michigan has undergone significant changes in recent years, and these changes impact those seeking compensation for injuries and those who may be liable for such damages.  This article will discuss the fundamental changes in personal injury law in Michigan that have taken place in recent years. Changes to the No-Fault System…
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Posted by Haque Legal April 21, 2023 Family Law

Updates about Family Law in Michigan

Like many other states in the United States, Michigan has seen significant updates to its family law legislation over the years. These updates reflect changing societal norms, cultural shifts, and expectations of how family law should work. Family law in Michigan is a focus of the legislative body. In this article, we will explore some…
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