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Month: February 2023

Posted by Haque Legal February 28, 2023 Traffic Violations

An Update On Current Distracted Driving Laws in Michigan

There are different distracted driving laws in the United States. In the state of Michigan, it characterizes drivers into three main groups. There are drivers of motor vehicles, there are drivers of commercial motor vehicles and new drivers. As we have discussed in a previous article on the series, a driver in Michigan is not…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 27, 2023 Personal Injury

Anti-Cruelty Laws in Michigan and Personal Injury

Anti-Cruelty Laws in Michigan are some of the most strict laws in the world. When it comes to protecting the animals we love, we should always be 100% ready to protect them. In this article, let us look at the provisions against animal cruelty and let us start the conversation. Main Basis Michigan Compiled Laws…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 26, 2023 Family Law

Living Trust in Michigan

Getting a living trust in Michigan is a good idea. A living trust in Michigan is an estate planning tool. It gives the individual person control over his assets. You can still use your assets but you are already handling it in such a way that if you go at any moment, your property will…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 25, 2023 Immigration

Termination Of Your K3 Visa

Once you get a K3 Visa, you need to make sure that you will use it. It is not permanent in any way. It is not yours forever. The benefits and privileges that you will get from the K3 visa are not absolute.  In this article, let us give you a rundown on the termination…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 24, 2023 Criminal Law

Child Abuse in Michigan

It is 750.136b of the Michigan Criminal Code that defines child abuse. Child abuse may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor offense in the State of Michigan.  Who may be charged with Child Abuse? Any individual who may be responsible for a child’s health and his welfare may be found guilty of child…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 23, 2023 Auto Accident

Challenges You Have To Face When Convicted For Driving Without Insurance

When convicted for Driving without Insurance, you should expect many other challenges that will come your way. Other than the penalties involved, you should expect to face the following penalties as well: The Secretary of State will not renew your plates The Secretary of State of Michigan will not allow you to renew, transfer, replace,…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 22, 2023 Traffic Violations

Second Set of Reminders When Pulled Over in Michigan

We have already discussed the first set of reminders when you are pulled over in Michigan. The initial reactions that you should show as well as the demeanor that you should always follow.  With that in mind, what are the other tips that you should know? Let us continue with our discussion.  You may get…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 21, 2023 Firm News

Can You Go To Jail For Accidentally Hitting Someone With Your Car?

Accidents happen, and there are times when individuals make mistakes and strike others with their vehicles. If you accidentally strike another person with your vehicle, more likely than not, you will not have to go to jail. However, there are exceptions to this, and the circumstances of each situation will need to be thoroughly examined…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 21, 2023 Firm News

The Importance Of Medical Records In An Injury Case

When a person sustains an injury caused by the actions of another individual or entity, they will likely be able to recover compensation either through an insurance settlement or a civil personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. However, recovering compensation will be nearly impossible without extensive medical records documenting the injury and the recovery…
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Posted by Haque Legal February 21, 2023 Personal Injury

Penalties for Distracted Driving in Michigan

There are many penalties involved when you are facing distracted driving charges that caused a car accident. The following are some of the penalties related to this: A texting driver who causes the death of another person can be held guilty of a misdemeanor and could be sent to jail. A texting driver who causes…
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