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Month: November 2022

Posted by Haque Legal November 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Driving Licenses in Michigan

Here at Haque Legal, we have created this article mainly to provide you with information on definitions of the different kinds of driving licenses in Michigan. Let us begin. Operator’s license The operator’s license is the most basic Michigan driver’s license. Chauffeur’s license A chauffeur’s license is required if you are employed for the principal…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 30, 2022 Auto Accident

Basic Provisions for No-Fault Insurance in Michigan

This article answers questions that individuals may have with no-fault insurance through the provisions of the laws in Michigan.  Mandatory Insurance MCL 500.3101(1) provides for Security for Payment of Benefits which provides: “The owner or registrant of a motor vehicle required to be registered in [Michigan] shall maintain security for payment of benefits under personal…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 28, 2022 Personal Injury

Revisiting McCormick v Carrier in Michigan

The case of McCormick v Carrier is a case that was decided by the Michigan Supreme Court on August 1, 2010. According to some legal analysts, it is the decision that restored the use of common sense to Michigan’s auto accident law.  McCormick established the new definition of “serious impairment of body function”. Three different…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 27, 2022 Family Law

Different Types of Spousal Support and Questions You Need Answers To

There are different kinds of spousal support but they all mean the same thing – you have to pay your former spouse with a chunk of your hard-earned money.  Alimony in Gross There is alimony in gross. Alimony in gross means property division that is payable through either a lump-sum award or through fixed periodic…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 26, 2022 Immigration

How To Deal with Immigration Adoption Scams

If you think that you have been a victim of adoption scams in the United States, there are some things that you can do. According to the USCIS, you can do three things – register a complaint in the United States, register a complaint in the Hague Complaint Registry, or register an internet crime complaint….
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Posted by Haque Legal November 25, 2022 Criminal Law

Clean Slate Law in Michigan

The law on expungement in Michigan had been revised to cover more misdemeanors and felonies. It also aimed to provide more chances for people who have been convicted of crimes that may no longer be considered a crime in Michigan or that have already passed for a long period. Expungement is the court process that…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 24, 2022 Auto Accident

Rules For Independent Medical Examination in Michigan Auto Accidents

In case of an accident, it is important to keep in mind that your insurer may require you to have an independent medical examination related to your accident. In this article, we will look at the independent medical examination (IME) requirement in Michigan.  Can the insurer require a person injured to undergo a medical examination?…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 23, 2022 Traffic Violations

Why Do Your Driving Points Matter in Michigan?

Every kind of traffic violation that you get convicted of in the state of Michigan would have dire consequences. You would have to pay the fine and the penalty but you also need to pay in terms of the points that will be placed on your driving records. Your driving points will severely affect not…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 22, 2022 Personal Injury

Dog Licensing in Michigan

Michigan has strict licensing when it comes to dogs. If you have a dog who is of a certain age, you need to look at the requirements that come with owning that dog.  In this article, let us look at some information about dog licensing in Michigan and what dog owners ought to know. Diving…
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Posted by Haque Legal November 21, 2022 Family Law

I Have A Mental Health Issue, Will It Affect My Right For Child Custody?

If you have a mental health issue, you are probably worried about how it will affect your right for custody of your child. Let us briefly discuss the circumstances in this article. The impact on your case depends on the severity Depending on the severity of the case, a mental health issue does not always…
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