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Month: October 2022

Posted by Haque Legal October 31, 2022 Auto Accident

First Three Tools Critical to filtering out Fraudulent Claims

Filtering out fraudulent claims is an important task that insurance companies in the State of Michigan are required to do. Filtering out fraudulent claims has been the subject of a lot of jurisprudence in the State of Michigan.  With that, let us discuss some of the tools that are critical to filtering out fraudulent claims….
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Posted by Haque Legal October 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Criminal Traffic Violations in Michigan

There are a lot of criminal traffic violations that you need to know when you are driving around in the State of Michigan. To wit, they are the following: Vehicular Manslaughter OWI/DUI/OUIL/OWVI Fleeing the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident Reckless/Careless Driving Open Container Refusing a Chemical Test In the coming articles, we will discuss…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 29, 2022 Personal Injury

Laws To Follow When In Possession Of A Domestic Animal

As part of our series discussing dog bites, there is some jurisprudence that we need to look at and follow as owners of domestic animals.  In the case of Trager v. Thor, as decided by the Supreme Court of Michigan, different laws apply when it comes to the possession of a domestic animal. In this…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 28, 2022 Family Law

Who is an acknowledged father in Michigan?

An acknowledged father is more than just an idea. It is a legal concept in the State of Michigan. Generally, the acknowledged father is the biological father of a father born out of wedlock.  He is called as such because he acknowledges his rights and obligations as a father in a Declaration of Paternity that…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 27, 2022 Immigration

Visa Rejection: Labor Certification

There are different grounds related to why your United States VISA may have been rejected. In this matter, it is important that you know why your VISA may have been rejected and if you have control over it. Your VISA application may have been rejected because of a handful of reasons. This article gives you…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 26, 2022 Criminal Law

First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan

We have begun discussing this crime in the article: The Elements of Sex Crimes In Michigan: Criminal Sexual Conduct In The First Degree.  Recap We have already discussed that Criminal Sexual Conduct in the first degree has a penalty of life imprisonment. Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree involves sexual penetration, however slight it…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 25, 2022 Auto Accident

How Does An Insurance Company in Michigan Investigate An Auto Accident?

An insurance company has the right to go after individuals who claim to be in an auto accident in Michigan and find out that they are not. Insurers can properly assert and preserve a fraud defense.  In recent Supreme Court Decisions, Michigan State has devised a list of methods of investigation claims and they include…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 24, 2022 Traffic Violations

Is it possible for me to Remove Traffic Records from Public Websites in Michigan?

A lot of people want to know about traffic records and how they can remove them from public websites in Michigan.  Public Accessibility Generally, records generated by government agencies are publicly accessible at all times. The records are often available on many public websites such as those that are created by data brokerage firms. Court…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 23, 2022 Personal Injury

Proper Defenses in Dog Bite Injuries in Michigan

The strict liability of dog bite injuries in Michigan is well-established. For a long time, people have already known that once they own a dog, they are responsible for all of the actions that the dog will take.  Strict Liability The strict owner liability is reflected in Mich. Comp. Laws Ann., sec. 287.351 which provides…
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Posted by Haque Legal October 22, 2022 Family Law

I raised a child who is not mine, can I sue?

One of the fears that we all have is raising a family, loving a child, and then finding out that the child is not yours in the first place.  In this article, we try to dive into a very emotional topic: what if you raised a child who is not yours? What are your rights?…
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