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Month: September 2022

Posted by Haque Legal September 29, 2022 Immigration

Visa Waiver Program In The United States

The Visa Waiver Program is one of the most amazing things for passport holders of specific countries. In this article, let us talk about the Visa Waiver Program and what it can do to you. What is the Visa Waiver Program? The Visa Waiver Program is the program that enables most citizens or the nationals…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 28, 2022 Criminal Law

Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Related Crimes

For a long time, there have already been a lot of individuals who own guns in the State of Michigan. It is important for individuals who want to have a license or who want to be able to carry their pistol.  Here at Haque Legal, we have had a lot of inquiries about individuals wanting…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 27, 2022 Auto Accident

An Update on the Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan

Whether you want to believe it or not, there are some places that are just more prone to being the site of car accidents than others. However, the reason for this may be because of urban planning or because of the elements that are present in that place. With that, this article aims to provide…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 26, 2022 Traffic Violations

Right of Way, U-Turns, and State Law in Michigan Traffic

In the previous article, we have shared with you some answers that the State of Michigan shared for drivers in the Michigan. We continue answering some questions in this article. Question: Are U-turns legal in Michigan? Answer: Under state law and in the absence of a traffic control device prohibiting same, the maneuver may be completed…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 25, 2022 Personal Injury

What are delayed injuries?

There are a lot of clients that come to us asking if they can still claim personal injury benefits for delayed injuries. This article aims to provide some answers on how you can protect yourself in case of delayed injuries. Delayed injuries are injuries that only manifested themselves after a considerable amount of time from…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 24, 2022 Family Law

Legal Advice On How You Can Properly Protect Your Family’s Rights

If you are raising kids, you should make sure that you are protecting their rights and they know how to defend themselves. Remain Silent and Calm You should exercise your right to remain silent. If you have been caught in an investigation or have been trapped by the police into any crime you have been…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 23, 2022 Immigration

Scope of Medical Examinations in the United States

Medical examinations in the United States for the purpose of citizenship can get very strict. Let us look at what is covered by the medical examinations that you should be ready for in case of immigration to the United States. General Scope of Medical Examination Medical examiners in the United States shall consider those matters…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 22, 2022 Criminal Law

Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Eligibility in Michigan and The Rights In Pistol Free Zones

Once you already have your license to carry a concealed pistol you are still required to follow the specific rules. Let us discuss those rules. Is the right to carry the pistol absolute? We need to first settle the fact that the right to carry a pistol is not absolute even if you already have…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 21, 2022 Auto Accident

Reiterating What is Covered in Michigan’s No-Fault Law

We have discussed a lot of information that could help individuals make right choices when it comes to driving in Michigan. This article aims to revisit some facts about what is covered in Michigan’s No-Fault Law and why it matters. Coverage Wage Loss Under MCL 500.3107(1)(b), automobile insurance carriers can reimburse an injured person who…
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Posted by Haque Legal September 20, 2022 Traffic Violations

Rules of the Road in Michigan

You may have a lot of questions about how the State of Michigan handles traffic. In this article, let us share with you some answers provided by the State of Michigan regarding many traffic concerns. Question: How do I treat a dark traffic signal at an intersection? Answer: When a signal at an intersection loses power and…
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