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Month: March 2022

Posted by Haque Legal March 31, 2022 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Everything You Need To Know About Interlock Ignition Devices Part One

In this article, let us talk about everything that you need to know about the interlock ignition devices as well as how you can prevent getting one on your vehicle. Let us answer some of the specific questions: Who Would Often Be Required to Get An Interlock Ignition Device? The court and the Secretary of…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 30, 2022 Traffic Violations

Can I contest my traffic ticket in Michigan?

Contesting your traffic ticket in Michigan is important. We always say that you have to fight for your rights whenever you are faced with something that will form part of your permanent record.  With that, let us talk about how you can contest your traffic ticket in Michigan because we deem it important for you…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 29, 2022 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

Facts About The New Law Related to Medical Coverage

There are many facts about the new law on insurance in the state of Michigan that have been previously answered but the following are the ones that you need to know that are related to bodily injury. Insurance Companies are still required to offer unlimited medical coverage. Despite the new changes in the new fault…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 28, 2022 Criminal Law

Claiming and Suing For Excess Attendant Care Services

In this next part of the series, let us talk about how you can claim and sue for the excess attendant care services that you need to address. How do I sue the at-fault driver for the excess attendant services?  Suing the driver at fault for the excess attendant service is easy if you have…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 27, 2022 Criminal Law

Self Defense in Domestic Violence Cases

In some cases, you may get a domestic violence case filed against you but you acted in self-defense. There are a lot of individuals who are having a lot of problems with their defense especially when they are working against a system that looks at domestic violence charges with the strictest eyes.  With that, you…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 26, 2022 Immigration

Are You Eligible For A United States Citizenship?

You may have some common questions about United States Citizenship that you want to be answered. Let us help you with some common questions and answers about getting United States Citizenship. In this first part, let us talk about the eligibility to apply for a United States citizenship. Am I Eligible To Apply For A…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 25, 2022 Family Law

Parenting Time and Staying In Your Child’s Life After Divorce

A lot of parents want to stay in their child’s life even after a divorce. If you live in Michigan and do not get joint physical custody of your child, you can still get parenting time.  In this article, we discuss parenting time and what you should expect from this concept. What Is Parenting Time?…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 24, 2022 Criminal Law

Defining Crimes That Could Turn from a Misdemeanor to A Felony in Michigan

In the continuation of our series of misdemeanor crimes that could turn into a felony, let us define more crimes in this article. Domestic Violence/Assault 3rd Offense The crime of domestic violence or assault is defined under Michigan law through the Michigan Domestic Violence Third Offense law, MCL 750.81(4) defines it as the following: “An…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 23, 2022 Auto Accident,Personal Injury

How is the attendant care rider affected by the new law?

In the previous part of this article, we have discussed commonly asked questions when it comes to attendant care riders in the state of Michigan. Let us continue. How is the attendant care rider affected by the new law? The attendant care rider service has also faced a lot of changes relating to the new…
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Posted by Haque Legal March 22, 2022 Criminal Law

Escalating A Misdemeanor Assault To A Felony Charge

In the state of Michigan, there are two kinds of offenses. We have already generally talked about misdemeanors and felonies. While one characteristic category is different from the other, the crimes of assault and battery or domestic violence or assault could just be considered as minor offenses or minor criminal offenses, it may still happen…
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